Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st Cottage Weekend and lots of New Experiences

We headed up to Big Star for our first weekend of the summer and our first overnight excursion as a family of 5. Everyone in their pj's ready for bed!!
We were happy to wake up Saturday morning at 7:30 without having been up once in the night with any of the kids!! LOVE a full night of sleep!! The next day it didn't take long for the boys to switch from pj bottoms to swim suits! Gotta love summer when the first thing you think of doing after breakfast is putting on your swim suit! LOVE!!!!!
Jason had a few projects to work on in the morning so we let him work and the boys played on the beach until daddy was ready to take Tenley on her first boat ride!!
Deacon and Jacob both wanted to help Tenley with her life jacket.
While relaxing on Saturday Jason actually got a chance to hold his baby girl! He is normally to busy with life to have much time to relax and enjoy our little lady so I had to get a few pictures of the two of them!!
We enjoyed some of summers goodness with some sweet corn. This was Deacon's first time having corn on the cob and he really loved it! look at him getting into it!
After a fun day of sun, sand boating and swimming we had a yummy dinner and enjoyed the beauty of a quiet night by the lake!!
The next day started of with some more fun first including both boys first time on a seadoo. Jacob really liked it! Deacon wasn't a big fan but we will see if next time around he will like it more. Later in the day our neighbors came up to join us for a Sunday in the Sun!!
Jacob enjoyed his first tube ride without and adult on board. He though he was big stuff riding with the older kids! So fun to see him enjoying things Jason and I enjoyed as kids!
After a little fall off the tube Jacob and Claire cuddled up and watched for a while!
The Mom's and some of the kids!
After a fun weekend we had to get one picture of our family of 5! Not to bad for our first family trip! Looking forward to lots more memories with those smiling faces.

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Mary said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! Great family memories!!